Introducing Student Media Leader Jesse Stewart

KSTM, the student radio station, is under the direction of senior Jesse Stewart. Jesse is a senior from Marble Rock, Iowa majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in music. He has been the station manager for two years. Jesse has a passion for the music industry.

The station has many new additions this year.  KSTM has picked up new student programming including news at the top of the hour and weather reports twice an hour. The station is working towards a structure that allows students to experience the atmosphere of a real radio station. Students are able to do what they want in terms of their show and the music they choose to play. This year there are approximately 20 student DJs on air from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Another new addition this year is syndicated programming. KSTM will feature many talk radio shows from national leaders in radio.

KSTM will be taking part in College Radio Day on October 2, 2012. The radio station will feature many contests, a concert in the evening, and many other exciting happenings that day. Another big project this year is the involvement of more promotions. With the assistance of Director of Marketing, Kelsey Hagelberg, KSTM and The Simpsonian will be moving to a 24 hour media collaboration. There will be breaking news always available across campus.

Other students leaders for the radio include Zach James, program director and sports manager, and Sylvia Koss, news director.

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