New Course for Spring 2013

Prof. Daryl Sasser will be offering a new course this spring: Religion in American History.  Here’s the course description:

HIST 364/Readings in American History: Religion in American History
This seminar provides an in-depth understanding of American history through an intensive study of the secondary literature of a particular topic or period. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to deal critically with historical writing.
The spring 2013 version of History 364 focuses on religion. The political identity of the United States was founded upon a largely secular intellectual movement called the Enlightenment. However, America’s social and cultural foundations were largely religious. Occasionally, these forces worked at cross purposes, but often they moved in corresponding directions. As a result, the United States is both religious and pluralistic. This course will examine the religious development of the nation by reading and critiquing a series of secondary sources. Cornerstone 4B and HP. Four credits.
The course is also cross-listed as REL 221/American Religion.

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