Simpson Communication Majors Get Opportunity to Travel to NYC

Simpson communication majors, Steffi Lee and Maddie Boswell were given the opportunity to travel to New York City to sit on a student voter panel. The panel consisted of students from Simpson College and Hofstra University who came in Republican, Democrat and undecided. This event took place in the CBS studio under the direction of “CBS Evening News” anchor, Scott Pelley.

Maddie Boswell, a junior from Humboldt, Iowa majoring in integrated marketing communication, went into the debate undecided. “When I am at home, I lean towards conservative views, but when I am at school, I agree more with liberal views,” said Boswell. “The third party advertisements have increased this year and this causes twisted information.”

Steffi Lee, a first year from Anaheim, Calif. majoring in multimedia journalism and political science, went into the debated with a conservative view. “I am thankful for this opportunity because it is an opportunity not every student gets to do,” said Lee. “Simpson has provided me with many opportunities that I never dreamed of.”

At the panel, students had the opportunity to meet Scott Pelley and Hofstra students. A lot of discussion on what students would like to see in the future took place. “As college students, we are the future. We have a voice and it needs to be heard,” said Lee.

Lee enjoyed the ability to converse and get along with people who have a variety of views and have all voices heard. “The panel helped me understand what moderates view,” said Lee.

Other students who traveled to New York include Shanice Whitney, a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo. majoring in elementary education, and Jesse Van De Krol, a fifth-year senior from Lynnville, Iowa majoring in exercise science and environmental science.

Be sure to check out their interview with KCCI. Also shown below is their interview with CBS Evening News.

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