Simpson’s Utzka Gains Television Experience with Local Station

Senior Tyler Utzka, from Walter, Minn., majoring in multimedia journalism has been chosen as the KCCI news intern. KCCI is the local news station which appears on Channel 8.

Tyler Utzka, KCCI News Intern

Tyler’s duties allow him to get familiar with every aspect of television. Currently he is writing news stories on ENPS, Electronic News Production System, developed by the Associated Press. This system was developed for producing, editing, timing, organizing, and running news broadcasts. Tyler will move into the video production stage then completing the internship with work on the Internet and website.

Courses and media work have given Tyler experiences that he has been able to apply to his internship. His video production course taught him how to properly shot and edit videos. This course also demonstrated the impact of lighting and position on an interview. Tyler has shot videos and written for the Simpsonian which gave him experience in interviewing subjects as well as editing videos. Finally, he was able to complete an independent study with Professor Lisa Carponelli-Lovell in which he gained field experience in the television media field.

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