Student Media Heads Towards 24/7 Format

Logos for KSTM Radio, Simpsonian, and ID MagazineSimpson student media outlets have gone to a 24/7 coverage system. The Simpsonian, KSTM radio, and ID magazine are all working as one unit to provide continuous news coverage. They are working to bring quality news to students and faculty on a variety of platforms. Students are able to work on all platforms, not just as a news writer or radio DJ.

The Simpsonian has moved to web and print platforms. They are covering all sports activities and one can find the story online following the game. The newspaper staff has remained very active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook by giving constant updates of happenings on campus.

KSTM radio now broadcasts live from all home football games as well as one away game. The radio station also has news broadcasts at the top of every hour with weather reports twice an hour. KSTM radio also updates their website on a frequent basis, and it allows listeners to tweet in requests while tuning into the station.

ID magazine will release the first edition in December.

When there is breaking news at Simpson College or Indianola, look to student media to have it first.

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