Unboxing the Nixie Tubes

The Nixie Tube [link] from DFRobot.com was ordered Monday night. It was shipped Tuesday from Shanghai, China and arrived here in Iowa two days later on Thursday!!!


Opening the package revealed a DFRobot package.


Looks nicely packed with foam. Also included a pre-drilled plexiglass board for the four tubes I ordered. Cool, didn’t ask or expect that.


Foam removed.



I downloaded the sample code and looked at the Wiki. Managed to hook up one module to power and do hit the test button with no issues. I hit the test button with a stick since it cautions the on-board voltage can be up to 170 volts.


Hooked it up to the Arduino and ran the breathSample from the code examples and got:

My plan is to create a steam-punk style alarm clock with these as a personal art project.

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