Communications Department Hosts Professional Speakers

The communications department hosted two classroom speakers for students on November 19, 2012. Kristin Lancaster and Nicki Rusinack spoke to students in Writing for Integrated Marketing Communications, Research for Communication and Media Studies, and Simpson Colloquium course ‘Prelude to a Farce.’ Kristin and Nicki are both 2004 graduates from Simpson College. During their time at Simpson, they were roommates for three years. Kristin is a graphic designer at The Stelter Company in Des Moines and loves working with nonprofits. Nicki lives in Washington, D.C. as a website, social media and app marketer for Three Spot. Nicki works with clients to determine how the website or app will be used. She has worked with many agencies in areas of government, corporate and nonprofit.

During Nicki and Kristin’s visit, they shared the top four tips for students as they begin the job or internship search.

1) You are the CEO of your career. You must take the next step. Diversify your skills by joining organizations, internships, and practicum. Reach out to other departments and professors as they can give you a new eye to a marketing strategy.

2) Once you get started, if you don’t like it, you can change it. Kristin said “Ask yourself: Where am I? Where do I want to be? How do I get there?” Don’t limit your opportunities by location. Search around for your ideal job, but gain experience that can bring you back home.

3) Do good work and treat people with respect. Make sure that your Facebook and Twitter are clean and you would want to show your interviewer. You should Google search yourself just to see what it out there because that is what potential employers will see.

4) Don’t assume a setback is a closed door. You never know when a “no” will turn into a “yes” or referral. If one company doesn’t have an opportunity available, they may know another company that does.

Kristin and Nicki had some other words of advise regarding interviews, websites, and LinkedIn. When interviewing, you need to research the company. You should incorporate what you learn into your resume, cover letter and interview. The more research you do, the more seamless the end product will be. An investment to look into while in the job search is a personal website. This is a place to put writing samples, show interests, and be yourself. A LinkedIn profile will help you to be able to network. You can look into your connections and see who they are connected to. This is a great opportunity to initiate job opportunities.

When you are creating your portfolio, you can create your own campaign or put a spin on a current campaign. This gets sample work to show to potential employers. It also shows that you are a self-starter.

For more information please visit their websites: Kristin Lancaster, and Nicki Rusinack, They use their website to show graphic design work, tell tactics used and as an online portfolio.

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Professional Speaker for Communication Courses