If Life is a Forest by Katie Malone

If life is a forest and we’re all just the trees
And every open campfire brings us to our knees
The sun shines down through quivering leaves
As the smoke billows up in stifling rings

If life is an ocean and we’re all just the fish
And every new breath is a blue wide-eyed wish
The depth of the dark with a sediment swish
With whale corpses round in nature’s tight fist

If life is the sky and we’re all just the birds
And every last one of us is chirping our words
The bite of the wind is all we’d ever heard
Wings spread wide as our friends fall to the turf

If life is a city and we’re the people below
Flowing with emotion; determined it doesn’t show
The gray of building matches the gray in our teeth
Each person we meet is just one more out of reach