Richard III on Trial

Simpson History faculty & majors served as the judges for a mock trial of King Richard III of England, long vilified as the wicked hunchback king who killed the little princes in the Tower.  The trial was the culmination of a semester-long exploration of Richard’s guilt or innocence in Prof. Rebecca Livingstone’s Simpson Colloquium class “A Royal Murder Mystery.” Students acted as prosecutors or defenders, presenting evidence and arguments gleaned from many hours of analyzing primary sources and reading historians’ take on the mystery of the missing princes. The students stood up to tough questioning from the history majors, and offered some compelling arguments for the judges to consider.  Did we find Richard guilty of usurpation and murder?  The verdict will be announced in a few days….

Students in SC 101-“A Royal Murder Mystery” put King Richard III on trial.

Simpson Colloquium classes are interdisciplinary first-year seminars taught by the Simpson faculty – the History faculty offer at least one SC class every fall.  We had a great time serving as judges – congratulations to all of Prof. Livingstone’s students!