Student Magazine Editor Alejandro Caballero

Alejandro Caballero, a senior from Juarez, Mexico, is the editor-in-chief of ID magazine. ID magazine is a student run magazine published each semester. Alejandro is an integrated marketing communications major with a computer science minor.

As editor-in-chief, Alejandro supervises the production. He creates and assigns stories to be displayed in the magazine. As the publisher, he has to meet with the printer to check on printer specifications and publication requirements. Alejandro is also in charge of editorial photography. On the magazine team, there is a director of design who he meets with to discuss the layout.

ID magazine has hosted their first event of the year. They sponsored a Strike-a-Pose contest to generate buzz about the magazine and gather photos to be used in the magazine. Coming up the first week of December, ID magazine will reveal the first issue at a launch party with food and a photo booth. There will be more events to come next semester.

Alejandro hopes to become a full time photographer with Rolling Stone or Vogue. Right out of college, he would like to work with a publisher such as Meredith Corporation or as a creative in a marketing agency.

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