Communications Students Learn B2B Marketing and PR Tactics

Nathan Huss from Two Rivers Marketing spoke with Professor Jane Murphy‘s Writing for Public Relations class on Friday, November 30, 2012. Two Rivers Marketing is a business to business advertising agency located in Des Moines, Iowa. They specialize in original equipment manufacturing companies such as Vermeer and John Deere. With nationwide clients, there are global opportunities such as John Deere’s station in France. There are five departments at Two River Marketing: account service, creative (graphic designers), public relations, administration and digital marketing. In the digital sector of the agency, they specialize in websites and applications using creative and strategic tactics. The five main markets that Two Rivers Marketing specializes in are construction, industrial, agriculture, automotive and mining. They have very well known clients such as John Deere, Iowa Mold Tooling, Miller Electric and Principal Financial.

Public Relations was the main topic for this informational speaker. At Two Rivers Marketing, they specialize in trade (local and national) media relations, social media strategy and management and crisis planning and news management. Public relations writing is a key part of their duties as public relations personnel. They write press releases for launches or announcements, feature articles, “how-to” articles and case studies. To create testimonials, public relations professionals produce videos for personalization use. “Share a Voice,” a method used for evaluation, measurement and reporting is used for competitive and advertisement tracking. This also measures what percent of the market is owned.

Other special tasks include trade shows and installation of displays at events. During these events, public relations consultants create award winning exhibit designs and graphics. They have created event management that is ready to use at a moments notice. At these events, they make sure that are targeted public relations and media relations events. Trade shows and events they attend include bauma 2013 and The Rental Show.

Following Nathan’s presentation, he opened the floor up for questions. Some include:

What is the biggest difference between B2B and B2C marketing?

In a business to business market, the audience already knows the product. They must differentiate based on  performance and longevity. It also boils down to brand loyalty.

What is the hardest part to being a public relations professional?

The hardest part is getting information from clients in a timely manner.

Professor Murphy is having students construct a media kit for their final project. One student asked what are the three main things that should be accomplished with a media kit?

1) Get Attention

2) Get the media to attend the show or event

3) Have all material that the media would need there within the media kit.


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