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How do I access my grades and class schedule online?
What exactly is the Writing Competency II Portfolio and what does it have to do with me?
Who do I call when experiencing SCHOLAR or StormFront issues?

Writing Competency II Portfolio

Completion of the Writing Competency II Portfolio is required for all graduating seniors who enrolled at Simpson in 2010-11 or earlier.  More information is located here, including specific requirements and due dates.  Questions on the portfolio can be directed to the Hawley Academic Advising and Resource Center at 515-961-1682.


Accessing Your Grades Online

All students can use StormFront to access their grades and course schedule. Your username is first name.last name. For detailed instructions on how to access your grades through StormFront, please click here.  For password resetting, feel free to contact your Ankeny campus at 515-965-9355 for Becky Armstrong, Indianola campus at 515-961-1614 for Ginger Hermon, or West Des Moines Campus at 515-309-3099 for Paula Palmer or Meghan Larkins.  Any other StormFront questions can be directed to Misty Turner at 515-961-1885.  SCHOLAR questions can be directed to Chuck Johnson at 515-961-1866.

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