Mama’s House/Mother’s Day Haiku by Stefon Brown

Bird chirps, silenced by
a shattering vase
in the living room. Fun’s done.

The sun mounts
to its twelve o’clock post.
Mom points to the screen door, GO PLAY!!!

Chicken, baked beans, corn
All prepared for us to feast
Siblings rush down stairs

Blood and dirt covered the sore
The arm only needs a
Kiss from Mom

Brothers wrestling
Mom enters the room scowling
She jumps into the ring

Comforting arms
Surround the young boy.
I’m all better now.

Awakened by a
strong but soothing voice
“Come on, time for school”

Passion glued to her words.
“Don’t make me come up there”
Thank God she did not!

Let your beautiful
Minds wander,
No one tell you different

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