Stage 5 Clinger by AmbarLee Berringer

Wednesday August 31, 2011
11:35 p.m. “Thanks for hanging up again, u didn’t let me say the things, bye”
11:45p.m. “Just let me say it so u can go to bed ok”
11:46 p.m. “Please”
11:47 p.m. “I do love u and I know u love me. I don’t want it to be over just tired of fighting like this”
11:47 p.m. “We were meant for each other”
11:49 p.m. “It can’t be over, please answer your phone and text back”
11:49 p.m. “I wanna say night night and I love u, I need to say these things to u”
11:51 p.m. “Listen to ur voicemail, I am just tired of fighting ok, I love u vry vry much and I do care about u a lot and I do wanna see u this weekend ok, love u”
11:52 p.m. “I am actually crying right now and can’t sleep, I wanna be with u and I do love u”
11:55 p.m. “Night night, I love u baby”
11:56 p.m. “Please don’t be serious about breaking up cause I am really crying
11:59 p.m. “Listen I am sorry baby, I just have never been through this and I hate us fighting, I love u with all my heart and wanna be with u, I know u need time and that’s fine”
Thursday September 1, 2011
12:07 a.m. “I do truly love u. I am just sick of fighting so no more of it ok. I can’t wait to see u sat, I really am sorry”
12:08 a.m. “U don’t know how bad I am hurting right now, I don’t want to lose u, u are my baby and I love u, I can’t sleep cause I am hurting”
12:08 a.m. “I am so sorry”
12:08 a.m. “U are leaving to go to college tomorrow and I can’t bear to think of u away from me…u still have things here you were going to take with u”
12:09 a.m. “Answer please, we don’t need to be over, I wanna say night night”
12:10 a.m. “Please, I wanna say the stuff to u”
12:11 a.m. “I love u”
12:12 a.m. “I truly do, I promise I will say the stuff and u can go to bed. I aint cause I am crying too much”
12:13 a.m. “I am crying right now, I don’t wanna lose u”
12:13 a.m. “Please let me say the things baby”
12:13 a.m. “I thought u loved me and wanted to be with me, that’s what you told me not a week ago.”
12:15 a.m. “I guess u don’t love me. Well fuck u. Have fun fucking someone else”
12:20 a.m. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean any of what I just said, forgive me please”
12:21 a.m. “I just messaged ur stepmom and dad, I told them I’d be comin over to see everyone this wknd”
7:17 a.m. “I love u vry much, its my fault and ur not to blame”
7:17 a.m. “I just got back from a drive, haven’t slept yet”
7:18 a.m. “I am so sorry baby, I still wanna be with u, call me if u get a chance b4 u go to class”
7:19 a.m. “If not have a good morning at classes and I love u vry vry much and miss u like crazy, I am sorry”
7:19 a.m. “Do u want the tv and stand?”
7:22 a.m. “If u want to watch ur shows at college ull need the tv”
7:38 a.m. “I love u”
7:48 a.m. “Have a good morning at work, I love u and miss u, call me sometime
not to talk but I just wanna hear ur voice. I got the tv loaded up”
7:50 a.m. “Since I lost my mechanics job yesterday because of u, thank god I got a new one today at different shop”
8:27 a.m. “Do u wanna go to florida over a break? I was looking at prices and they aren’t as bad as I thought”
8:39 a.m. “Listen to ur voicemail when u get free time, I love u vry much, I don’t wanna break up, u need a break and that’s fine I have never been through this. I wanna be with u and see u this weekend, and hearing ur sweet voice, I fucked up so it’s my fault not urs”
Friday September 2, 2011
7:17 a.m. “U didn’t call last night and say good night 🙁 ”
8:30 a.m. “U know what? Fuck u and ur family. U meant nothing to me anyway.
There r prettier and sexier girls than u. Enjoy ur fucking wonderful life”
90 missed calls and 20 voice mails later I started to enjoy my fucking wonderful life.