Student Magazine Launched Thursday at Simpson College

This year is a landmark year for student media. Simpson College launched their first student magazine Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012. ID Magazine is the title of this magazine to help connect students with the issues faced during college years. The staff hosted a launch party to raise awareness of the new magazine.

Students were handed free magazines and Jimmy John’s sandwiches at the launch party. They were able to meet Alejandro Caballero, the editor-in-chief, and Kelsey Hagelberg, director of promotions. While the pinatas were not allowed, many students enjoyed the opportunity to read the magazine and see their photograph from the photo shot located within the magazine.

Alejandro believes that the magazine was a great success. He said, “People look happy and that makes me happy to see them happy. I believe that this was overall a successful project.”

Kelsey helped to put on the launch party. She said, “it increases awareness for student media and ID magazine. This helps us to prepare for the second edition.”

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Students Receiving MagazineMagazine Launch Party