Teardrop Sanctuary by Shelby Burgus

At this park I sit, watching the rain pour down around me, letting its fresh air wash over me, renewing me. This park where memoires flood back; where it’s okay to cry; where I can finally let my guard down and be myself again. As if the grounds soaked up my distant memories, the tears and the laughter, saving them for times like this, reminding me of what I had, what I’ve lost. When home feels empty, this place becomes my sanctuary. When I can’t find the strength to hold myself up, these swings hold me. Memories sweep me into a different time, a different place, cradling me. So let the rain keep falling; let each drop wash away this empty feeling. Let them bring sanity, the strength to bear this life. When the trials from this world seem to overwhelm me, this place holds my escape, my teardrop sanctuary.



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