Communications Department Moves to New Location

New year, new opportunities and new location. The Simpson College Communications and Media Studies Department has moved to 112 E. Detroit Ave.

All faculty and staff have moved their offices over to this building and are open for office hours. Also found at the Gaumer Center will be the KSTM radio station. The radio station is open for operation  this week.

Be sure to stop by and check out the new location of your professors.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

Station Manager Office

The new station location has an office for the station manager and other staff to use to prepare for shows.

DJs Hanna Russman and Cait Conner

DJs Hanna Russman and Cait Conner open their first show of the season in the new studio as Beauty and the Blonde.

Shelving Units in the Simp Lab

These shelving units provide great storage space for Simpsonian workers and editors.

Simpsonian Office

This is the new office of the Simpsonian. The large table makes for effective meetings and a great amount of workspace.

Gaumer Center