Simpson Debate Screams Success

This past weekend, six Simpson College students traveled to Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana for the first debate tournament of the year. The tournament was very successful for the whole team as they won sweepstakes, or the most points from winning different rounds.

First year IMC major Jacy Gomez was very successful in her first college tournament. She won the top speaker award as well as made it to finals with her partner Julius Foster. Gomez says, ” I enjoy the competition, but also like to learn and research various topics. Debate has taught me how to write a paper and prepare a presentation.”

First year MacKenzie Bills, a political science, international relations and French major was also a part of the team that participated this past weekend. She is the second speaker on her team. “When you are the second speaker, you must be able to think on your feet and be prepared to combat criticisms coming from your opponents,” Bills says, ” it can be intense and you have to be quick.”

The team is preparing for tournament this weekend at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Want to know more? Contact Spencer Waugh, the Simpson College debate coach.

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