Students Gain Work Experience Through Campus PR Office

Marketing and public relations are two popular fields today for students to study. Many students from within the communication and media studies department are gaining the prior work experience needed for jobs right on campus. The Office of Marketing and Public Relations offers three different positions to students. The first position is the Simpson Web Guild. Students work as a team to create, implement, and manage web projects. Students are also able to work as a digital content developer. This position allows students to gain experience reporting and producing stories, as well as producing video, social media tactics, and digital marketing materials. The final position is a social media specialist. Students gain experience developing and monitoring social media campaigns

Jessalyn Holdcraft, a sophomore from Crete, Nebraska, works a photography intern  She takes pictures at big events occurring on campus and rooms and buildings for the website.

Jessalyn has gained valuable experience through this job opportunity. She has been able to learn to work with others, including new bosses. She has been able to utilize her photography skills and gained the skills necessary for her career following Simpson.

Maddie BoswellMadison Boswell, a junior from Humboldt, Iowa, works as a part of the Simpson Web Guild team. The main project for this team is promoting the current opera, Cinderella. This project involves a website made specifically for opera with pictures and articles. The team plans to use the site to boost traffic for the opera by placing it on the Simpson events calendar. They are also using video teasers and social media to promote Cinderella as well. They hope to get a special feature video out featuring the actors and talking about the behind-the-scene work that goes into producing an opera.

Other aspects of the website that the Web Guild works on is updating the facilities page with photos and specific room photos. They are currently focusing on the Kent Campus Center providing photos with room descriptions.

Through the Simpson Web Guild experience, Maddie has had the opportunity to come up with her own strategies and bounce ideas off of other student members and faculty. It has given her real world experiences through writing for the website and taking photographs for the websites. She is learning the WordPress platform which will assist her as she works with future companies who use this for their websites. The ability to have her photos published has been a great asset to Maddie as she searches for future careers.

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations is a great way for students to gain experience while continuing their studies at Simpson College. They are able to apply concepts learned in course work back into the college itself.

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