An Introduction by Liz Glodek

For the March Continuing & Graduate Newsletter – From Liz Glodek

At this time of year, we’re busy with many things. Those who are graduating this spring are focused on finishing their degree requirements while others are just starting out. We may be considering which classes we want to take over the summer and still others are planning that summer vacation! As a campus director and academic advisor, it is an honor to be a part of our students’ academic lives, to help them meet their goals, and work with them to help make the path is a little smoother. But it is really you who brings the drive and motivation that will be instrumental in achieving your goals. It is your persistence that is most meaningful.

Ten years ago, I was in my final semester of graduate school and worried about the black hole after graduation, just as many of you may be now. I had applied to two fellowship programs and been denied, and though I had been offered a teaching position, it required a two hour commute on public transportation, not something I wanted to really consider. In much the same way that you are now, I was in the thick of classes, and work, and my thesis, and volunteering, and job applications, and, and, and. While the details of what shapes each of our stories are different, there is also one defining similarity: adult students have moxie – you take on life’s challenges with “spirit and courage” (

A student in my poetry workshop recently reminded me of the powerful voice of Maya Angelou and when thinking about what I wanted to share in this newsletter, I knew I could turn to that voice for inspiration. Dr. Angelou said that courage is “the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

In your academic journey, courage is one of the many tools you have brought with you. No one’s journey is the same. We all have different paths, but one of the things that brings us together is the courage we have to pursue, to persevere, and to succeed.

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