Filmmaker Duncan Comes to Campus to Discuss Recent Film

Chip DuncanSimpson Forum and the Culver Center sponsored Iowa native Chip Duncan on campus on February 5th. Duncan is a filmmaker, writer, photographer, and President of The Duncan Group, Inc. This company founded in 1984 focuses on documentary television and feature film production. The company mostly works internationally, however produces history films in the United States.

Duncan spoke about “The Reagan Presidency” and why this film is important to viewers today. The content of this film is still extremely relevant today. When talking about economics or taxes in the courts today, people commonly refer to the Reagan policy and its historic value. He also believe that the events took place long enough ago to do a history film without any political effects. Due to the inclusive of many high power figures, members of the Democratic and Republican parties, and people from many eras, the film is now able to be done objectively.

When it comes to presidential speeches and the way the media is able to receive the speeches today, Reagan changed this method. Due to a little joke, all public speeches must go through the Navy’s soundboard before it goes to media sources. Ronald Reagan also started a new tradition with a weekly radio address. This was to connect with fellow Americans and let them know that their President was working for them. This tradition is continued today as President Obama now produces a weekly Internet address.

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