KSTM Now Available Everywhere

This week KSTM made the big announcement that they are now live streaming over the Internet. KSTM can now be heard from anywhere and anytime from a mobile device or computer. There will be a live air feed that can be found from two sources as of right now: TuneIn.com or the TuneIn mobile app.

“This is a great way to get alumni listenership because before we were only able to reach within Indianola city limits, now we can be heard anywhere,” says KSTM Station Manager Jesse Stewart. The live streaming feature is a great way for past radio dj’s to remember their experiences at Simpson. “It is great that I can listen to the radio station online now,” says alumnus Devin Sietstra, former co-host of Mutt and Dutch, “I wish they would have had this when I was in school. It brings back great memories of the radio station and all the fun that was had.”

To find the radio station online:

  • TuneIn: Use the mobile app found in the Play Store or the App Store and search KSTM
  • Coming Soon! A live stream website specially made for KSTM. Look out for kstm.simpson.edu.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

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