Multimedia Journalism at Simpson, What’s it like?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to graduate as a communications major? What the courses are like? One of the majors offered at Simpson College is Multimedia Journalism. When a student graduates in multimedia journalism, the student is able to master the art of traditional writing, editing and reporting skills. Students also learn how to use design products such as InDesign, Photoshop and Final Cut.

In the senior seminar course, students tie all the skills learned through coursework into one final project, a small business online news organization. Each class period begins with up to three students presenting current industry news showing that they are keeping up with current events and trends.

Another part of the senior seminar is integration of social media. Each week students engage on Twitter uploading current news, reactions to their classmates’ tweets, and submitting a Twitter report at the end of the week. The following tweets are about the recent Iowa College Media Association Convention attended by the students on February 8.

Learning social media tactics is very important in today’s news industry as Twitter and Facebook increasingly become a primary news source for many Americans.

Prof. Brian Steffen

A major part of starting a new organization or business is a business plan. Students in the Multimedia Journalism capstone course develop their own business plan for their online news organization. As part of the business plan, students learn how to make funding requests, financial projections and how to make money as a news organization. The business plan will be a key written component of their final project in preparation for the Iron Journalist Competition in mid April.  The competition is judged by local journalists evaluating the students on their business plans and the work they have done throughout the semester.  May the best student win!

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