IMC at Simpson, What’s It Like?

One of the majors offered within the Communications & Media Studies department is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This track is based on the studies of public relations and the importance of packaging research into an audience-friendly media format. Within the IMC major, students will take three main courses to further their abilities to create a public relations campaign. These courses are Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications, Writing for Integrated Marketing Communications, and Seminar in Integrated Marketing Communications. Each course features a project in which students must apply skills learned in class through research of a company or industry to create a successful public relations campaign or media kit.

Seniors within this major are working hard on their final project, a team competition for a local company, Neighbors Helping Neighbors. The team is set up like a public relations firm with five key players: account executive, research, writer, designer, and presenter. Each of the course members signed up for a position within the firm and the class was then divided into groups to complete the project. The project is creating a live public relations campaign that the team will then pitch to the client who will then select the winning team.

“Working for a company allows us to take the project to the next step because some of the work that we create may be used by Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” says Sarah Stout, the account executive for her group.”As a public relations firm simulation, we can portray our personal strengths and use others’ strengths to create the best campaign for the company.”

This course allows students to connect ideas and strategies taught in others courses to their campaign. The media kit project in Writing for Integrated Marketing Communications strengthened students writing and made them aware of how important the media is to a company. The design work taught in various communications and art courses helps the designers create professional logos for the company.

“The project allows us to gain experience in what it would be like to work within a real public relations firm,” says April Sigmund, the writer for her group. “It is great to be working on something that makes a difference by helping people.

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