Jones Writes for Cityview

Photo by Daniel E. Hodges

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a writer for an independent weekly? Senior Victoria Jones, a multimedia journalism major with minors in English and women and gender studies, is currently a writing intern for Cityview in Des Moines, Iowa. Cityview magazine is famous for their Best of Des Moines annual contest, which is the “reader’s choice for all things dining, drinking, shopping, and more.”

As a writer, Jones is able to get right in the middle of the news writing process by researching and reporting various topics for Cityview. Some of the past projects that Jones has done include a Belly Up article, which is a spotlight on a bar in Des Moines, and several Faith articles about church related news such as events going on at different churches. She has assisted with the police reports and articles about where our tax money goes. Her major project with Cityview was the food section, or Eats, from the Best of Des Moines contest. Her current projects include articles for the April Fools edition.

Jones has been able to apply tactics and skills learned through course and media work to her current internship. “I wrote for the Simpsonian the first semester of my first three years and that helped prepare me for interviewing and writing,” Jones said, “The journalism classes also helped and it’s really neat to actually get to use what I learned in class in a real position.”

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