New Course Looks at Photographs in American History

Prof. Daryl Sasser will be offering a new course in Fall 2013 that uses photographs as a window into the past. Check out the course description:

History 364 – Photohistory: A Cultural Examination of America’s Photographic Past
What can a photograph say about the past that a written text cannot? What are the limits of a visual text in terms of historical analysis? Does a picture tell the truth? Can it lie? In this course you will learn how to read a photograph and use it as a historical primary source. You will consider and discuss, among other things, photographic theory, war photography, and photography as social activism. You will analyze the photographic work of Alfred Stieglitz, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and others. You will apply theory and analytical techniques to gain new insights about historic American ideas and events including Manifest Destiny, The Great Depression, and Hurricane Katrina.
Cornerstone 4B. Historical Perspective. Four Credits.

To learn more, contact Prof. Sasser (515-961-1226).