Hanna Russmann: WHO-HD Television

What has she been up to?
Graduating Multimedia Journalism major, Hanna Russman, gained valuable experience interning with WHO-HD Television in Des Moines, Iowa over the spring semester.  As part of her internship, Hanna completed three news packages.  Creating these packages included writing and editing video, recording her voice over, and shooting a stand-up.  She also had a chance to practice in-studio stand-ups, work with producers, write scripts for anchors, and time shows.

What strengths did she utilize in her internship?
Interning at WHO-HD Televsion, Hanna had to be a self-starter.  She knew it was up to her to make the most of each day.  Because of this, Hanna developed a strong work ethic and was not afraid to ask questions.  She felt her willingness to ask questions showed her employer she was interested in learning about the industry.

How did she find out about her internship?
Hanna was connected to WHO-HD Television’s News Director, Rod Peterson, through Assistant Professor Lisa Carponelli-Lovell.  Hanna was able to capitalize on Simpson’s great faculty and their willingness to help students network.

What did her supervisor have to say about Simspon students?
Peterson shared, “Hanna is a great example of the caliber of students taking advantage of Simpson College’s internship opportunities.  Since Assistant Professor Lisa Carponelli-Lovell has joined the Simpson faculty, WHO-HD Television has benefited from Simpson’s multimedia-journalism-degree program.  We have hosted many gifted students like Hanna as interns.  Simpson students and graduates also have joined our team as producers and editors. Simpson College students are enriched by Lisa’s recent, professional experience and connections to journalists in local newsrooms.”

Why does she think it is important for students to intern?
Hanna believes, “it is important for Simpson students to intern because employers are always looking for real world experience.  An internship is the best way to get this experience before you graduate, and Simpson does a fantastic job helping students make internships work with their schedules.”

What advice does she have for future interns? 
Hanna shared, “One piece of advice I have for students beginning an internship is ask questions, lots of them.  You are doing this internship to learn, and you are not going to know everything just because you study the field you’re interning in.  This makes it okay for you to ask those seemingly stupid questions, but remember, the only real stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.”