ID Magazine Release

On Wednesday, we celebrated the release of the second issue of ID Magazine for 2013. Students gathered around Kent Campus Center to receive their new issue of Simpson College‘s own magazine. Students were very excited about the unique stories, layout, and fresh ideas presented.

We watched as students got their first reaction of the magazine:

  • “I really like it. I think it’s fresh, new and fun. It’s very different from other news sources of Simpson. It provides something for everyone,” sophomore Shayna Holle says.
  • “It’s a great way for students to express themselves in a unique publication,” junior and future Editor-in-Chief of the Simpsonian Julia Warfield says.
  • “It has definitely improved since last semester. There are great interviews, layout and articles in this magazine,” says junior Maddie Boswell.
  • “I think it is beautiful with professional style. It will serve as great promotional materials for perspective students,” sophomore Kate Hayden says. “I would love to do the photography for this magazine and I know a lot of students will want to be a part of this project.”
  • “ID Magazine turned out very well. A magazine publication is not seen on many campuses, providing something unique for Simpson College,” first year and ID Magazine contributor James Tillison says. “It gives writers an opportunity to learn a new style of writing that differs from newspaper writing.”

Were you at the celebration on Wednesday afternoon or did you attend the fashion show Wednesday evening?  Tweet us your photos @IDMagSC and @ComMediaStudies

Want more information on opportunities in student media? Contact one of our professors!

ID Magazine Release

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