Jason Graham: Mercy East Physical Therapy Clinic

What has he been doing?
Jason Graham, a senior Biology major, spent spring semester interning at Mercy East Physical Therapy Clinic.  As part of his internship, he was engaged in patient care and treatment, conducted research for treatment methods, and provided differing forms of media for patient education.

What strengths did he use?
While interning, Jason demonstrated a genuine compassion and interest for the clinic’s patients.  He also showed up each day with sincere enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.  Finally, he handled each patient’s situation with care, often partnering with patients as they performed their exercises or manipulation.

What did his supervisor say about his work?
Bob Augustine, Physical Therapist, shared, “Jason will land on his feet in whatever he pursues.”

How did he find out about his internship?
Jason found out about the internship through Assistant Professor, Nicci Whalen.  Nicci introduced him to the partnership Simpson College has with Mercy Clinics.  Each semester, Simpson Career Services arranges interviews for both pre-med and pre-physical therapy internships.  For more information about these internships, please contact Bobbi Meyer – bobbi.meyer@simpson.edu.

Why does he think interning is important?
Jason believes, “interning gives students a view through the window of possibilities.  It allows us to get our feet wet without jumping in completely.
Each Simpson student should take advantage of these opportunities for
the experience and the possibility of finding your passion.”