Lindsay Nash: Wellmark’s Well for Life Center

What has she been doing?
Lindsay Nash, a senior with majors in Exercise Science and Management, had the opportunity to intern at Wellmark’s Well for Life Center in Des Moines, Iowa.  Within her position, Lindsay taught group exercise classes and learned how to effectively personal train.  She also had the chance to network with the exercise specialists on staff and learn such skills as performing assessments.

What strengths did she gain within the position?
Through this internship, Lindsay built her confidence for teaching group classes.  She also strengthened her communication skills and opened herself up to learning all that was needed in the field.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Gina Ryan, General Manager for Plus One @ Wellmark, shared, “Lindsay did a great job stepping in as our intern!  We have a lot going on at our site (between staff and programming) and she was able to pick up on everything very quickly.  She communicated with the staff effectively through verbal and written.”

How did she find out about this internship?
Lindsay found out about her internship through both a family friend and Assistant Professor Nicci Whalen.  Many internship opportunities are never actually posted, but are gained by referral.  Lindsay’s story shows the power of networking and building relationships.

What advice does she have for students completing an internship?
Lindsay encourages interns to “make sure you make the most of the entire experience and don’t just go through the motions; learn absolutely everything that you can while you are there!”

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