Molly Rhodes: Iowa Barnstormers

What has she been up to?
Molly Rhodes, senior Sports Administration major, has had the opportunity to intern with the Iowa Barnstormers since September 2012.  The Iowa Barnstormers are an arena football team based in Des Moines, Iowa.  As part of her internship, Molly assisted with game operations and both website and database upkeep.  Her goal was to get her foot in the door within the event management industry, and she feels she has accomplished that and more, having strengthened her skills in organization and preparation.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Greg Boyd, Director of Marketing, commented, “Molly has a great attitude. She has good communication and computer skills and works well as a team player. She has gone above and beyond with every task and constantly produces quality work. We will miss her when she is gone.”

How did Molly find out about her internship?
Molly completed her internship search by looking at the websites of local sports teams.  She chose the Barnstormers because they were the team that most intrigued her.  After interviewing with the Barnstormers’ Marketing Director, Molly was relieved to hear they would be willing to work around her busy schedule.  She has enjoyed spending two semesters with the team.

Why does she feel it is important for students to intern?
Molly commented, “While I believe Simpson professors do an outstanding job in preparing students for their future careers, there are some things that cannot be learned in the classroom. This is why I think that interning is important. Students are given the opportunity to learn certain skills hands-on. Another positive outcome from interning is often times students receive job offers from the company they intern with.”

What advice does she have for future interns?
Molly recommended, “Choose an internship that interests you, don’t be shy, and ask questions – lots of them!”  If you are working in a group with other interns, take the lead and take the initiative to get tasks done.  Employers want to see leadership; you are taking a huge step into your future career – make it count!”