Simpson Partners with Local Organization

Senior integrated marketing communication majors partnered with Neighbors Helping Neighbors to create a public relations plan for the organization. Neighbors Helping Neighbors is currently working towards becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization, based out of Des Moines, is a new immigrant assistance program created to help Burmese refugees adjust to life in the United States.

Three groups presented their plans to the representatives from Neighbors Helping Neighbors, who selected the winning group. Each group had an account executive, designer, research director, presentation director and editor. Students applied for their position and were placed into teams based on their position choice.

Alejandro and TylerEach group brought a unique presentation and format. All of the groups provided primary, intermediate and secondary publics to which the client should focus on, as well as three-four objectives that they should strive for. The groups also presented a SWOT analysis to provide the clients with a viewpoint of their position and how they can move forward.

“All you have to do is hit publish,” Sarah Stout said about the website her group created. AVIZSY, formed of seniors Sarah Stout, April Sigmund, Alejandro Caballero, and Tyler Crandell gave a unified presentation with ready to use materials for the client. They presented the good sides, as well as the bad side to the clients. AVIZSY also used a phase approach to their objectives. “We used this approach because it is more manageable and easier to follow,” Stout said.

">NHNLOGOTwo things blew this group over the top, their logo and volunteer handbook. This group created a logo that was bright, using the colors orange and yellow, and traditional, using font that reflects the seriousness of the program and traditions that can come as the program grows. The shape of the logo represented people linking together to represent the joined forces of the United States with Burmese refugees. The volunteer handbook was ready to use for the organization right now and was filled with information pertaining to the success of the program.DSCN0154

“AVIZSY hit everything we were looking for,” Vinh Nguyen said. “They showed passion for the refugee group and were highly dynamic and worked very well together. Their logo matched with our mission, people helping people. Their handbook and public relations plan provided useful information and was ready to use.”

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