Business Administration and Economics Seniors

In the next few weeks, the Department of Business Administration and Economics, will graduate over 100 students in 6 different majors.

Many of these students have made great use of their time at Simpson, participating in class and extracurricular activities, working part-time in industry, becoming actively involved in the community through service and interning at businesses in central Iowa and across the country.

As these students look at their plans after graduation, they have great things waiting for them.  Here is a look at a few of these Simpson Success Stories:

Whitney Thompson, Senior Economics and Mathematics Double Major, Computer Science Minor

Senior Economics Student Whitney ThompsonWhitney Thompson has a busy summer ahead of her.  After graduation, she has just a few weeks before her July wedding to get her life in Simpson packed up and ready to roll to the next destination-Columbus, Ohio where she’ll begin a Ph.D. program in Economics in late July at Ohio State University.

Whitney came to Simpson intent on pursuing mathematical research and along the way, added an Economics major under the advisement of Professor of Economics, Jim Palmieri.  During her time here, she has increased her theoretical knowledge of the two disciplines while also expanding her applied abilities through two summer research fellowships working in statistics, economics and computer science at Miami University of Ohio and the University of Michigan.  Her success in academics is recognized through the awards she has received while here: Outstanding Junior Student of Economics, Outstanding Senior Student of Economics and Outstanding Senior Student of Mathematics.  Her involvement outside of the classroom included 2 seasons with the Simpson Tennis team, participation in the Mathematics Club and regular participation in Math Modeling Competitions.

Whitney is not sure whether she will pursue a career in academia, government or private industry when she finishes her Ph.D. but we are confident this is not the last we will see of her name.  She is a dedicated student and researcher who is bound for greatness in the field.

Sarah Stout, Senior Integrated Marketing Communications Major, Marketing Minor
Student Sara Stout

Photo Credit: Luke Behaunek

Sarah began her career at Simpson as a Marketing major making the switch to IMC after her sophomore year.  Even after, she remained involved in the Business Administration and Economics department participating in the Enactus (formerly SIFE) student group and interning in the Emerge at Simpson incubator project her senior year.  Sarah completed three internships during her four years at the Iowa Events Center, The Schwann Food Company, and at Emerge at Simpson.

Her approach to the job search was exclusively through networking.  Her internship at Schwann’s and success in the intern marketing competition led to one job offer.  She has parlayed her networking at the regional Enactus competition to another offer and by reaching out to Simpson alums, she has received a number of others.  While Sarah is not sure where she’ll end up as she weighs her options, we are confident she will find success in her future.

Accounting Majors, Michael Kern and Michael Schwery


Kern and Schwery, as they call each other, have a lot in common.  They are both graduating soon in Accounting, both completed internships at the public accounting firm KPMG in the Winter of 2012 and they have both found success after graduation through full-time employment at KPMG.Senior Michael Kern and Professor and Department Chair Mark Juffurnbruch

They have also set themselves apart through on-campus activities and involvement.

Michael Kern started the Accounting Club at Simpson and has worked hard to develop the organization to a resource for current students looking for professional development and career connections and opportunities.  He also found success and connections through his fraternity.


Senior Michael SchweryMichael Schwery was involved on campus in the Enactus group and in his work as a Student Resident Hall Coordinator.  He also completed an internship at Mid American Energy prior to his audit internship experience at KPMG.

Together, these Michaels have guided younger Simpson students through KPMG internships where they are establishing a legacy of excellence and success.


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