Tyler Crandell: Iowa Momentum Magazine

What has he been doing?
Tyler Crandell, a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major, spent spring semester as an intern-writer for Iowa Momentum Magazine.  As part of his internship, Tyler attended endurance-sporting events, called athletes for interviews, and wrote articles for both the magazine’s print and online versions.  He also created videos of the sporting events for the online portion.

How did he find out about his internship?
Tyler was connected to the opportunity with Iowa Momentum Magazine through Assistant Professor Lisa Carponelli-Lovell.  Students interested in interning with the magazine in the future should send a cover letter, resume, and work sample to editor Dave Mable – dave@dmcityview.com.

What did his supervisor have to say about his work?
Dave Mable, editor for Iowa Momentum Magazine, commented, “Tyler has done an incredible job providing us with articles, pictures, video, etc.  He is reliable, punctual, visionary, and a real asset to our team.  When given a task, he just goes with it and needs very little direction in terms of carrying projects out.”

Why does Tyler think interning is important?
Tyler feels, “students can learn so much more during an internship than in classes. Doing work outside of school at a business gives you a different perspective of what it is really like to be in the work force. There are things that students just can’t learn in classes that they will during their internships.”

What advice does he have for future interns?
Tyler recommends, “Ask as many questions as you can and absorb all of the information you learn from the professionals that you are working with. Every little bit of information you can get out of your internship will help you in the future when you are looking for a job.”

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