Andy Hutchins: Principal Charity Classic

What has he been up to?
During the May Term, Andy Hutchins spent three weeks interning with the Principal Charity Classic.  This exciting golf-tournament, which serves as a stop on the Champions Tour, will be held in Des Moines, Iowa from May 28th to June 2nd, 2013 at the Wakonda Club.  In the past six years, the event has donated close to $4 million to children’s charities.  During his internship, Andy supervised the worked of volunteers, sent out packages, worked with sponsors, and assisted with course set-up.

What strengths did he utilize during his internship?
During his internship, Andy learned a lot about working with others, especially in a supervisory role.  He had to be clear when giving instructions and helpful when working with a team.  He was also complimented on his positive attitude and professionalism.

What did his supervisor have to say about his work?
Jessica Helgren, Volunteer Director/Tournament Manager, shared, “Andy was great!  He is a very hard worker and is always willing to help out.”

How did he find out about his internship?
Andy became interested in assisting with the Principal Charity Classic after attending previous events.  He thus visited their website for internship opportunities and was pleased to see that they offer many!

Why does he feel it is important for students to intern?
Andy believes, “Internships provide students a chance to understand the way material taught in classrooms is applied to real life. After working as an intern I will have a better ability to understand my assignments and develop the skills I need to be successful in the workplace.”

What advice does he have for future interns?
Andy recommended, “Be willing to do any task without complaining, work very hard, and ask lots of questions.”