JFK Assassination May Term Course

This May, students and Professor Brian Steffen are taking a deeper look at the COMM190 May Term Group Workassassination of John F. Kennedy through an examination of the media of the time and as it continues to be presented in current media.

Students are also developing their critical thinking skills and writing skills in the course.  Professor Steffen asks students to look at the opinions developed by experts at the time and their own opinions from a analytical perspective.  Was the Warren Commission a full exercise in critical thinking or were there some faults?  Were the reactionary theories of the assassination developed through critical thinking?  Students will answer these COMM190 May Term Group Workquestions and more in this three week exploratory course.

In addition to their work in the classroom, students will also travel to Dallas, Texas to take a closer look at the assassination site and other important locations in the investigation.


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May Term at Simpson follows the traditional Spring Term.  This three week session allows for an intensive investigation into a topic of current interest.  For more information about the Simpson Curriculum and May Term, check out: May Term at Simpson

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