Madison Boswell: Bank Iowa Corporation

 Photo by Alejandro Caballero

What has she been up to?
Madison Boswell, an Integrated Marketing Communications major, spent her May Term interning with Bank Iowa Corporation in West Des Moines, Iowa.  Bank Iowa’s mission is to operate progressive banks in viable Iowa Communities.  Madison worked as a teller at her hometown bank in Humboldt, Iowa for two summers before deciding to intern with the corporate headquarters.  Throughout her internship, Madison worked a lot on advertising.  She did much layout work for both print and digital advertising that was used in bank branches around the state.  She also created a radio ad for Memorial Day to honor and thank active-duty military members and veterans.  Finally, she completed market research on both website material and banking products.

What strengths did she utilize in her internship?
During her internship, Madison showed timeliness, continuous learning, and organization.  She knew she had much she wanted to accomplish over the three weeks, so it was important to make the most of each minute.

How did she find out about her internship?
As mentioned above, Madison’s internship grew out of a summer job.  Jobs can be great stepping stones toward careers and allow you to expand the amount of people in your network.  Even if your part-time job seems unrelated, chances are the overall company or organization for which you work might have opportunities for further learning.

Why does she feel it’s important for students to intern?
Madison shared, “Although there is lots of learning within the classroom, I feel my most valuable experiences have come from my school activities and my internships. Every internship I have had has led me to learn more about my career goals and I have grown professionally as well from each one. Each of my internships has provided me with new experience and each internship has offered different experiences. I feel that it is very important for students to acquire internships because they are vital learning experiences and are beyond great networking opportunities. Every internship offers practical experiences that just can’t be taught in the classroom. “

What advice does she have for future interns?
Madison recommended, “When starting an internship you should always go in with an open mind. Going in with certain expectations could ruin the experiences you have.  Also, always ask questions!  Asking questions ensures that you get the most out of the experience and learn a lot. Go above and beyond. Just because your supervisor hasn’t asked you specifically to help with a project or do a specific thing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump in and help out if you see something needs done. Going above and beyond what is expected shows great work ethic and motivation.”