Mandi Deutsch: Adorn

What has she been up to?
Mandi Deutsch, a Management and Marketing major, spent May Term interning with Adorn, a specialty gift and home accessory store in Indianola, Iowa.  During her three week internship, she completed everyday tasks like ringing up transactions and putting products out, but also created, marketed, and hosted a successful event.

What strengths did she utilize in her internship?
Mandi demonstrated customer service, event planning, and organizational skills.  While she feels confident with the work she did, she believes there is always room for improvement which comes from gaining experience in many settings.

How did she find out about her internship?
Mandi set up the internship on her own.  She shared, “I knew I needed an entrepreneurial internship and I loved her store, so I just went in and asked Erin (Adorn’s owner) if she would like an intern of the May Term.  I’m so glad I decided to just give it a shot and see if it was an option.”

What did her supervisor say about her work?
Adorn’s owner, Erin Freeberg, commented, “Mandi is professional, creative, and a very quick learner.  She understood the importance and role that excellent customer service pays to a small business.  She was responsible for planning and executing an event at Adorn that drew in customers and positively affected the bottom line.  Mandi used many of her skills to produce an awesome and very successful event!”

Why does Mandi feel it’s important for students to intern?
Mandi stated, “I feel that with an internship it will lead to many more opportunities. Just with my internship, I met lots of people in the community that came into the store. I was able to talk to a few about their jobs and positions and also Erin. There is just so much to learn from an internship and it is a lot of fun. I feel that with an internship there are so many opportunities to network with people, and that is the best way to get a job!”