Simpson Enactus sponsors Small Business Workshops

The Simpson Enactus student organization is helping to sponsor a series of Small Business Workshops over the next three weeks.

The workshops offer small business owners an opportunity to learn about specific business topics.  The first session, on May 7th, was led by Geri Seiberling, of etc!graphics and helped the business leaders present think about their marketing and brand strategy.

Present at today’s workshop were business owners

Small Business Workshops Group Discussion

Workshop participants have a laugh while discussing their marketing strategies.

from a variety of industries including taxidermy, accountancy, clothing retail, non-profit tourism, auto repair, livestock production, and more.  Over 20 individuals took part in the morning session and more are expected at the evening session.  At the end of the workshop, Individuals took away a packet of information prepared by Geri that will help them develop their marketing strategy. Guidelines for vision statements, customer profiles and more are included in the packets.  Participants also had the opportunity to talk through some of their business problems with their colleagues in the process brainstorming for solutions.

Deb Downey and giveaway recipient

Deb Downey and giveaway recipient, Tiffany Scovel of Scovel Taxidermy

There was also a giveaway for the book, The Midwest: God’s Gift to Planet Earth, written by the team at Raygun, the indie T-Shirt shop in the East Village of Des Moines.

There are two more workshops on the 14th and 21st. On the 14th, Deb Downey will lead Price and Profit – You’re Worth It and Mark True of Brand Happens will host the workshop on the 21st exploring social media branding.  Those interested in participating in the upcoming sessions are encouraged to sign up online:


The Enactus team at Simpson has collaborated with a number of organizations in the community in the sponsorship of the workshops including the Warren County Economic Development Corporation and the Indianola Chamber of Commerce.  Deb Downey, a local entrepreneurship and business consultant has taken the lead role in organizing the workshops in addition to her role as presenter on pricing strategy.