People You Should Know – Tracie Pavon

How long have you been working at Simpson?   I have worked at Simpson for 21 years and spent 4 years here as an undergraduate student – my workstudy job was in the financial aid office.

What exactly does your job entail?  Wow!  Loaded question….in a nutshell, I help students find the financial resources necessary to ensure access to a Simpson College education, with lots of compliance red tape intertwined.  I hope that means “I help students”!

Where are you from?  I am from Des Moines – born and lived there all my life.

What makes working at Simpson unique?  I believe that Simpson is unique in that we truly help students to become their personal best.  We will take students as far as they are willing to stretch themselves – there are no limits.  We educate individuals, knowing that all students learn differently.

What do you enjoy most about working with adult students?  I enjoy that I have had similar experiences recently, and I believe that I understand what they are doing and where they are in their lives.

Please tell us about your family and how you like to spend your free time.  I have been married to my spouse for 22 years, and we were high school and junior high sweethearts before that.  We have three children ranging from 11 to 19 years of age, who keep us busy with basketball, football, track and dance.  I spend most of my free time with my family – they are my love.  When the kids don’t have activities, you will almost always find me in a garden somewhere!

What is your favorite vacation spot, favorite book, and/or favorite film?  We don’t take many vacations as we are paying for college for the oldest and preparing to do so with a second one soon….and eventually a third.  We do go to a friend’s lake home most summers, and we absolutely LOVE our family time together there.  I don’t read many books, as I have to read so many regulations for my job, and I just don’t enjoy reading for pleasure with so much reading for work involved.  I love any movie that makes me laugh, takes me away for a bit and is just truly entertaining!

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