Too Big to Fail-A May Term with Professor Shane Cox

The name of the book is Too Big to Fail and students have been engrossed in it for two

One group working on their book analysis.

One group working on their written analysis.

weeks now.  Assistant Professor of Accounting, Shane Cox, took a step back from his normal traditional accounting course offerings to delve into the 2008 financial crisis with students this May Term.

In the the course, this group of mostly accounting and management majors has been reading the book by Andrew Ross Sorkin and discussing in class the history behind the financial crisis and what actions have been taken since that time.  In addition to their coursework on campus, the students will take a 3 day trip to Chicago to get a hands-on look at the impact of the financial crisis.  Touring the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, talking with executives at the Art Institute of Chicago and taking in a Cubs game are some trip highlights students are looking forward to.

Jordan Palmisano and Sam Kline are two freshmen enrolled in the course, both Accounting and Management double majors.

Professor Cox discusses the book with students

Professor Cox discusses the book with students

Jordan and Sam decided to take the course because of Professor Cox.  He had taught their Intro to Accounting course earlier this year and they knew this would be a fun May Term course.

May Term at Simpson is a three week term which follows the normal spring semester.  This shortened term allows professors to teach a topic of current interest in depth.  For more information about the Simpson College curriculum, check out the curriculum website here:

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