Devun Miller: DuPont Pioneer

Devun Miller

Business Management – 2013

International Documentation Intern – DuPont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer is a business dedicated to farmers, livestock producers and grain and oilseed processors.

How has Simpson College’s classes and professors prepared him for his internship experience?

“The biggest class for me coming into my internship that helped me with my experience was CIS145. CIS145 provided me with a lot of background knowledge with Microsoft Office. At my internship, I use Microsoft Excel, Word and Access pretty regularly. These programs help me stay organized with everything I do with DuPont Pioneer. I put a lot of data used for tracking different shipments with different countries into both Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. I also use these programs to analyze ways to become more efficient. As far as relationships with professors, I would say Simpson College’s professors have helped me become more professional with my internship. It always helps when you can go to specific professors and talk to them about your internship and get valuable feedback about some questions or advice you may need.”

What strengths did he gain within the position?

“There is so much I have taken away from this internship, and it has all come from getting experience in the work field. Going in, I was very new and inexperienced at everything I did with DuPont Pioneer’s distribution department. I had limited knowledge on international business and specific countries, but that has definitely increased as I have dealt with numerous ocean shipments (both seed and non-seed) to specific countries worldwide. I have learned how to communicate more specifically, especially through emails to other countries. You learn fast about how it can be difficult at times to express what the problem is at your end. You also learn fast about how to get the recipient to understand what point you’re trying to get across. I have also learned a great deal about both the agricultural and international business fields. There is always so much going on, and you have to consistently be a lifetime learner. You always need to be updated on current issues. Along with gaining experience at my internship, I have met some great people at DuPont Pioneer. I have had the chance to network with them and go out to formal business dinners with partners of the departments. They have really taught me a lot and make me feel right at home. I never hesitate to ask questions because they are always willing to lend me a hand.”

How did he find out about this internship?

“I obtained this internship in August 2012. I received an email about it from Simpson College Career Services. Since I had previously worked for DuPont Pioneer for the last 8 summers detasseling, I thought this opportunity would be great for me. I already had my foot in the door. I ended up getting an interview, and after passing a drug test, they hired me within a week or two. Career Services (Bobbi Meyer and Professor Marilyn Mueller) have helped me prepare my resume with my current job duties and broadening my experiences with this internship as well.”

What is Miller’s advice for students?

“I would recommend that students get involved with as many different experiences as possible for your resume. You want to have a diverse portfolio, and that comes with activities and internships that you get involved with during school. Also, before applying for an internship, make sure you know exactly what the company does. Do some research. You always want to make sure you are getting involved with something that will help you in the long run. Lastly, I would just say make as many professional relationships as possible, whether it be in an internship or groups that you may be involved with. It is all about you know now, and when looking for a job, it is always good to have your foot in the door somewhere because of someone you know. I know that has come in handy for me with a few job offers I have already received.”



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