Getting to Know: Jazmin Rubel

Continuing our series of profiles this summer, we had the opportunity to sit down last week with Jazmin Rubel, rising Simpson College senior, to hear her success story.


Jazmin, what are you up to this summer?

I have an internship at the Wakonda Club as Youth Director of Activities.  The work is mostly event planning for youth activities.  Each Friday, we have an event at the pool that I plan and manage for kids at the club.  Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work on some other events like the Lobster Fest and some weddings.  I get to plan the event from start to finish including decorations, setup and so forth.  I like the opportunity to see different people and have different experiences each day-I don’t think I’d do well sitting at a desk all day, so this is perfect.


How did you become interested in this opportunity?

I did an internship last summer at The Wright Place in Norwalk doing event planning, mostly for weddings.  I really enjoyed that experience and it piqued my interest in event planning, so I was looking for an opportunity this summer in that same line of work.  I came across the internship at the Wakonda Club through a program that Simpson Career Services put on. They brought in employers and we got to ask them questions. I spoke with the General Manager of Wakonda afterward, we had a good conversation and I got an interview.


Are you involved in other activities on campus?

So many things over the last 3 years.  I did cheerleading for awhile, swim team for a year, I was Director of Digital and Social Media for The Simpsonian, SIFE activities (now Enactus), and most of my time has been spent as a Community Advisor and Student Hall Coordinator in the First-Year Residence Halls.  My senior year, I’ll be the Student Hall Coordinator again, but other than that, I’ll be spending my time looking for a job for after graduation. 


Do you have any idea of what kind of job you’re looking for?

I’d like to find an opportunity to work in big event planning, hopefully not focused exclusively on weddings so I can have some weekends free! I would also enjoy finding an opportunity to do some traveling while I work.


Thanks for talking with us Jazmin!  Enjoy the summer break!