Getting to Know: Professor Mark Green

It’s another Getting to Know Wednesday!  Today we’re getting to know Professor Mark Green a bit better. We’ll have an extra Getting to Know student feature later this week-be on the lookout.

What is your field of study and teaching?

Management and Marketing


What classes do you teach?

Management, Marketing, Advertising, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  I taught “International Marketing” and “Introduction to Marketing Strategy” at the Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis in Paderno del Grappa, Italy 2011-2012


We hear you’re into Russia.

I guess you could say that.  My BA is in Russian Literature (Lawrence University) and I have an MA and PhD in Russian Linguistics from Cornell University.  I studied business in an MBA program at Syracuse University.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel multiple times to the former Soviet Union to teach.  The US Agency for International Development funded a trip in the mid-1990s where I taught marketing in Nizhny Novgorod.  I also work with local organizations as they develop their business and cultural relationships with Russia and former Soviet republics.


 What else should we know about you?

      I play bass and guitar with the Sonny Humbucker Band; the members include Simpson colleagues David Wolf (associate professor of English) and Mark Juffernbruch (associate professor of accounting). Rounding out the lineup are David Kochel, a political consultant with Red Wave Communications, and Thom Wright, an architect who is currently employed by Pigott Inc.

I also write academic articles, essays, book chapters and have co-authored a textbook, Global Marketing, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall. Through my writing I hope to further to academic study of marketing and management and provide resources for students.

You can find me on twitter @Sonnybassman.