Taylor Parish: United States Attorney’s Office

Taylor Parish

Student Clerk – United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Iowa in Downtown Des Moines

Class of 2016

How did Simpson College’s classes and professors help you obtain your internship?

“I took CJ220 (Criminal Justice Systems) with Professor Fred Jones first semester. That gave me some insight on how the criminal justice system worked, and it really got be more interested in the subject. It reassured me that this was the field I wanted to pursue. Career Services also helped, because they sent out an email towards the end of August advertising the position. Lora Friedrich was my CO-OP 319 faculty advisor, who helped me receive credit for my internship.”

What are your daily tasks at your internship?

“I do a lot of clerical work (typing, filing, photos, etc). I also open new civil cases that come into the office, go on errands to the courthouse and handle other projects within the office.”

What is the experience like at your internship?

“My experience has been worthwhile because not only am I receiving credit, but I am also gaining a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the daily operations in the legal and criminal justice field. I have learned in detail about what the different agencies within the criminal justice do, which gives me a better idea as to what I want to go into after college.”

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