Getting to Know: Professor Oleksandr Lugovskyy

We’re very happy to have three new business professionals joining the department as full-time faculty members this fall.  Oleksandr Lugovskyy’s field of study is Economics and he will be teaching a variety of econ courses this fall.
I was born in Ukraine and I first came to the US in 1997 where I settled in my adopted home state of Minnesota.

I earned a B.A. in Mathematics from Lakeland College (Wis.), an M.Sc. in
Applied Economics from St. Cloud State University (Minn.), and an M.A. and Ph.D.
in Economics from the University of Kansas. My research interests include Econo-
metrics, International Trade, and Experimental Economics. My teaching interests
are International Trade and Finance, Macro- and Microeconomics and Econometrics/Forecasting. In my (limited) spare time I enjoy fishing, hunting, and collecting Americana.


Thanks Professor Lugovskyy!  We’re looking forward to seeing you in the classroom in a month!

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