A Healthy Start by Student Health Services

Supporting your student to meet their own health needs while away at college is another item on a parent’s list of things to do.  Following are some ideas that you may find helpful:

  • Send you student to college with a first aid kit stocked with the over-the-counter medicines that worked best when they were at home.
  • Restock those items needed with a Care Package – students love receiving Care Packages from home.  You can even include a note about how it seems best to use the supplies and the location of the nearest Flu Shot Clinic.  It is hard to ignore a note when it comes with gifts.  Some ideas for stocking the Care Package:  pain/fever reducer, throat lozenges, cough drops, multi-symptom cold meds, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, kleenex, band aids…and it never hurts to throw in their favorite candy item.
  • Make sure your student has their insurance card and knows what the co-pay will be for an office visit.
  • Discuss arrangements for prescription refills if needed.
  • Encourage flu shots.  Flu shots will be offered on campus in October and are available at several local locations.
  • If your student becomes ill or has questions regarding health care, refer them to Student Health Services, located on the second floor of the Kent Campus Center.  Phone:  515-961-1604.

For more information, check out the Student Health Services web page at http://simpson.edu/health-services/

Don’t hesitate to contact Student Health Services if you have any questions or concerns…

Rita Audlehelm, RN, MS                                Katie Lee, RN, BSN
Director                                                           Campus Nurse