Project Management Students Demonstrate Their Skills Using Lego

Students in CIS 300 Project Management spent their first day of class building Lego models. Each team had one “subject matter expert” (SME) who had the original model that was to be built. That SME described what they wanted to a Business Analyst (BA), who wasn’t allowed to see the model. The BA then took the specifications to a developer to build the model. A Quality Assurance (QA) person then went and checked to see how they did. All teams competed for the same resources, a pile of Lego parts.

The results of their project can be seen below. What the team built is on the left, what they were supposed to build was on the right.

Results of CIS 300 Lego project

Results of CIS 300 Lego project

This quick demonstration shows many of the issues that small or large company projects face. The class will soon learn all the standard parts of managing projects and put what they learn to the test. The class will run their own project. In past years students have put on meetings for girl scouts or boy scouts.

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