Simpson at the State Fair!

Simpson College made our booth début at the Iowa State Fair!

Our booth consisted of not only information and friendly, helpful employees, but also a slew of goodies including frisbees, tattoos, and the crowd favorite: the No Booth. While it’s impossible to tell just how many fairgoers visited our booth, Simpson PR has given us these stats:

• Approximately 45,000 frisbees were handed out

• Over 200 prospect cards were filled out by sophomores, juniors, and
seniors as well as transfer students and EW&G prospects

3,821 photos were taken at the No Booths and uploaded to
Simpson’s Facebook page.

Simpson’s Facebook page received 289 new “Likes” in the past week.

4,675 people so far have liked, commented or shared photos from the Fair
that were posted on our Facebook page.


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