Starting a New Year

On August 28th, Simpson College celebrated the beginning of a new academic year at fall convocation with an invocation by new chaplain Mara Bailey, a welcome by new president Jay Simmons, a short address by the student government president and a feature address by Distinguished Faculty of the Year, Professor Rehmeier from the Biology department.  Professor Rehmeier delivers the address at Fall Convocation 2013

Each speaker offered their own advice to the new students entering their college careers at Simpson this fall.  Frequently mentioned by all the speakers was the importance of getting good sleep in achieving success at Simpson.  Professor Rehmeier offered 8 tips:

1. Pursue your passion.

2. Get engaged with your coursework & extracurriculars.

3. Manage your time wisely.

4. Develop strong relationships with your professors and advisors.

5. Take risks, make mistakes and learn from all experiences.

6. Get off campus-go abroad in May Term, during a semester, or a whole year!

7. Take care of yourself.

8. Don’t hold back.  Don’t let your first year student status hold you back from participating fully in campus life, in classes, in internships and otherwise.


The faculty in Business Administration and Economics are all excited about the start of the new year and we look forward to seeing a new group of students grow and succeed at Simpson!  Faculty welcome new students after Fall Convocation

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